If you’re like my family, the holiday boxes are out of the attic before the turkey has fully settled in our bellies. Christmas is the most celebrated holiday of the year and millions around the country are joining in on the festivities.

Of course, if you don’t mind paying an arm and a leg, you could always visit the elaborate festivities taking place at the major tourist destinations across the country. However, if you’re like my family, you might prefer visiting your neighborhood’s own local attraction. Real families, and not major companies, foot the electric bill for these spectacular displays. Now that’s what I call holiday spirit! Check out our list of best neighborhood light displays:

Houston, Texas

Houston is known for diversity and that certainly remains true for its decorated neighborhoods. While there are many worth exploring, the holiday lights that illuminate the River Oaks neighborhood truly stand out. Sparkling Christmas ornaments drape majestic oak trees and the neighborhood’s upscale estates are adorned with tasteful decorations during the holiday season.

Solving, California

Tucked between mountains, this European village becomes a true Winter Wonderland in December. Tourists travel hundreds of miles to visit this quaint village that features thousands of holiday lights around the holidays. The town is also known for its Danish pastries and world-class wine tasting.

Winter Park, Florida

Winter Park, known for its stately homes and charming downtown district, has a less publicized attraction that draws thousands each year. Winter Park’s Eastbrook neighborhood, located off Aloma Avenue and east of Lakemont Avenue, has a tremendously impressive knack for Christmas decorations. You’ll be blown away by detail of these ornate holiday displays.

Seattle, Washington

Still not feeling the Christmas spirit? That might change when you see the colorful lights that deck the halls (and exterior) of the homes in the Olympic Manor Neighborhood (between N.W. 75th & N.W. 100th). The whole family will enjoy this dazzling neighborhood full of brilliant lights and good cheer. Hint: You may want to bundle up for this one.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Dyker Heights neighborhood sure knows how to put up a good show. During the holiday season, Dyker Heights transforms into Dyker Lights. The neighborhood battles in friendly competition for the most outrageously decorated home. The festive, over-the-top decorations, feature everything from inflated lawn chairs to full blow music systems. Don’t forget to dress warmly!

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