It’s amazing that summer has come to an end, but for so many parts of the country, mid September means the fall season is really upon us. While it’s sad news for those sun worshipers, it’s great news for those who love the crisp air of the fall and leaf peepers.

In some parts of the country, leaf peeping is a sport. People will drive hours and hundreds of miles to take to the scenic byroads and mountains in order to get the best view of miles and miles of beautiful landscapes.

So, if you are someone who is going to be taking a fall road trip and want to catch some of the very best spots for leaf peeping in across the country, consider checking out some of these incredible destinations.

New England

Of course when many people think of New England the bright fall colors rolling over the country hillsides is one of those classic images that comes to mind. The good news is that New England really lives up to it’s title as being one of the best spots in the US to leaf peep. From the Green Mountains of Vermont to the rocky shorelines of Rhode Island, New England is the perfect leaf peeping destination from mid September through late October.


While skiing might be the first thing to come to mind when Colorado is mentioned, the shoulder ski seasons provides some absolutely stunning natural beauty when it comes to leaf peeping. Naturally you won’t get exactly many of the vibrant reds that you would find in places like New England, but between the Colorado Rockies and Aspen, you will be very happy to spend a few days enjoying the beautiful golden hues of the leaves as they change.

Great Lakes

In the Midwest, head north to the shores of the Great Lakes. There in the forested areas of Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota you will find an amazing selection of colored leaves that dot the lakeshore. A perfect mini road trip during the early fall, it provides some of the best of both worlds, great natural beauty from the changing leaves, and waterfront lodging, driving and dining all along the way.

Where are some of your favorite places to go leaf peeping? Let us know in the comments!