How would you feel about never having to use the service from a taxi cab ever again? When you’re out of town and need a ride to dinner, or even having a night out in the town you live, traditional taxi cabs are expensive, can usually take up too much time to request and you never know which ones use credit card machines (incase you don’t have cash). Now, you can request a personal driver all from your cell phone and can expect to see them within 5 minutes.

This magical App is none other than Uber, a personal driver service that allows you to request a ride on the spot no matter where you are. Uber is taking the world by storm and changing the taxi game. Goodbye to taking 5-10 minutes to pay for a cab by cash or credit card swipe. With Uber, all of your payment information is stored right in your App account and as soon as you’re dropped off to your final destination – all you have to do is get out! No tipping, no paying…yes, it’s that simple!

All you have to do it pin your pick up location in your app. As soon as you pin your location, Uber will find all the drivers in your area and the nearest driver’s pick up time. When you approve of the driver, Uber will then track your driver’s route to your destination. In the meantime, you will see a profile of your driver with a photo, name and rating from other Uber users. As soon as the driver gets to you, all you do it tell him or her your destination, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Uber is currently located in 22 countries and growing on a constant basis. To see if Uber is located in your city, check their city listing.