It’s Monday! Just how in the world do these weekends fly by so quickly? It’s as if we blink and the next thing we know, we’ve been teleported back to the Hotel Coupons headquarters. We’re beginning to think that we’re stuck in the movie Inception. What can make a Monday morning a little easier to deal with? Well, besides several sturdy cups of coffee? Travel stories, of course! Two of our Hotel Coupons masterminds returned from travels in the Lake Tahoe area. Their beautiful pictures and picturesque tales of their adventures had us yearning for a visit to Lake Tahoe. How have we never visited before? No worries – we are now foregoing our coffee addictions and using the money we save to plan trips to the beautiful Lake Tahoe area. Of course this video doesn’t do the Lake justice (so we’ve heard) but it’s as close as we’ll get for now and we’re okay with that. We hope you enjoy it.

Have you ever visited the Lake Tahoe area? Let us know!