“Keep Austin Weird.” You may have seen it, heard it or maybe even experienced it first hand at some point in your life. It may be known as a weird place in Texas, but the funny thing is, Austin isn’t really that weird. As a matter of fact, it’s actually the complete opposite.

Austin, Texas Sign on Building
Filled with culture, music, history and excellent entertainment, Austin is indeed a city that can be explored in a day. Whether you’re a honky tonk junkie or just enjoy discovering a unique new city from time to time, there is so much to do and see within Austin.

From the moment you pass the Austin City Limit sign, you’ll know you’re in the live music capital of the world. From the Texas Capitol to the musical sounds coming from the famous Sixth Street, there’s everything and more to marvel at and appreciate in this fun city. When you head to Austin, be sure to park at one of the parking lots or parking garages located near Sixth Street in Downtown Austin. This will be the best spot since you are central to everything worth seeing in a day.

Lady Bird LakeAs soon as you park, head over to the Austin Visitor Center located on Fourth Street downtown. At the visitor center, you’ll be able to purchase authentic Austin merchandise as well as speak with a representative who can provide you with a map of downtown and guide you to all the great places to walk around to.

When you’re in Austin during the daytime, check out Lady Bird Lake, where you can take a boat ride around Austin or even go for a bike ride on the lake. Oh yes, you read that correct, you can rent a water bike and bike ride on the lake! It is as cool as it sounds. If you’re up to checking out the scenery, there’s a quiet walking trail around the lake as well.

Texas Capitol BuildingAlso during the daytime, pay a visit to the Texas State Capitol Building, located on Congress Avenue. After you take a few photos of the Capitol building, walk back down toward Sixth Street and stop for a BBQ lunch at Franklin Barbecue. If you’re looking to indulge in some good southern barbecue, Franklins is the place to go. As soon as the night starts to creep up, head right over to some of the honky tonks to get your live music experience. Grab a drink and listen to some great tunes at The White Horse, Sahara Lounge and Elephant Room. These little live music venues have the best upcoming artists in the industry and you’ll truly get a first hand look at what Austin is all about.

So, there you have it! A little scenery, a little history, a good meal and live music are what a day trip to Austin is all about! Have you ever been to Austin? Tell us about you experience.

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