Texas is home to all things Western – ranches, cowboys, cattle, rodeos and classic Texas food. One of the best things about Texas is that the culture is so rich that true Texans are committed to keeping the American West alive for the future generations.

However, there is one small part of Texas stands out. What if you learned about a place in this state that thousands of visitors escape to every year, but is about as far away from the American West as you can go? We are talking about a famous small town called Fredericksburg, Texas. What makes Fredericksburg so great that so many people are drawn to it? Imagine being able to visit Germany without leaving the United States, and that it what Fredericksburg is all about.

Downtown Fredericksburg, Texas at NightIn the mid 1800s, Fredericksburg was settled by German immigrants, and their traditions remain active to this day. Located about 70 miles north of San Antonio and 80 miles west of Austin, Fredericksburg is a popular German community that attracts several visitors to enjoy the Texas life in a German setting. Many who visit stay at a cozy bed & breakfast in the small town, but you could also choose the convenient Best Western Fredericksburg or Hotel Hill County Fredericksburg.

Living History Attractions in Fredericksburg, TXWhen walking through Fredericksburg, visitors will be exposed to traditional German style buildings, restaurants, bars, entertainment, lodging and so much more right off of Main Street. No far from the main strip are also several antique and gift shops, boutiques, bookstores, vineyards, spas and golf courses. Believe it or not, many visitors go to Fredericksburg for family vacation to explore the beautiful European atmosphere and all that comes with it. You might want to brush up on your German before you go though! The residents here speak German fluently.

There are so many things to do in Fredericksberg, TX. From the surrounding hill country to the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park, the National Museum of the Pacific War and year-round festivals, there is something wonderful and exciting for everyone to enjoy. This is also the perfect destination for a wine tour of the Texas hill country, with more than 20 wineries nearby.

Fredericksburg is a simple drive from any major city in Texas. Whether you live in Dallas, Austin, Houston or San Antonio, it’s easy to hop in your car and head to this perfect little German town. Have you been to Fredericksburg? Tell us about your experience!

All images are used courtesy of Visit Fredericksburg, TX.