By: Dana Damato

Skin cancer is becoming one of the most common forms of cancer in our day and age. As much as we love to spend time out in the sunshine, it’s important to make sure that you avoid those harmful and damaging sun rays that cause your skin to burn and cause potential risk for skin cancer.

Now that we are in summer, it’s crucial to make sure that your skin is completely safe and protected from these harmful rays. If you’re planning on spending a day out at a theme park, the beach, the pool, out on the golf course or any other activity that requires you to be out in the sunshine for a long period of time, be sure to take these necessary precautions to keep your skin healthy.

Always Wear Sunscreen

Yes, we know this is the most obvious and even though it’s the most obvious, it’s also the most important. Wearing sunscreen is the safest and easiest way to protect your skin while enjoying yourself in the sunshine.

Wear Long Sleeves

It’s summer and it may be hot, but if you can handle the heat, try and wear clothing to cover your skin. This can work at an outdoor concert or a morning/early evening outdoor activity before it gets too hot.

Wear a Hat and Sunglasses

We often spend time protecting the skin on our body that we forget about out face! The best way to keep your skin safe is by wearing a hat with a front cover, such as a baseball cap. Don’t forget those sunglasses either! This will protect the skin around your eyes.

Seek Out the Shade

If you’re lounging on the beach, be sure to get an umbrella or a tent to stay under during the hottest parts of the day. This won’t just protect your skin, but it’ll also be much cooler than being in the hot sun for hours at a time.

Stay Inside

It may seem unrealistic during certain times, but if you have to choose between spending a few hours at the beach or your screened in pool in your backyard, always choose the indoor option if possible! If you can, try to stay indoors during the hottest parts of the time. This is usually between 11am and 3pm depending on your location.

Do you have a tip for protecting your skin this summer?  Let us know what you do!