You may be headed somewhere this month by plane.  By all means fly if you must.  But do so at your own risk.   We are not talking safety here – we are talking comfort and convenience.  For most travel, we prefer to drive rather than fly.  Why?  Here are a few reasons to we think you should drive for your next trip!

1. No ticket to keep track of.

No ID to get out and flash before an official (well if you obey the posted signs as you drive, of course).  When you travel in your car you are free from extraneous paperwork.  Nice.

2. No gate changes.

Last time we flew we had four gate changes before the one that finally stuck.  Have you every schlepped your carry-on from one gate to the next along with all 200 passengers who are going from here to there not to mention those who are going the other way?  It is like Ellis Island without the chalk mark on the coat.

3. No wardrobe worries.

If flying was ever glamorous, it is not any longer.  People used to “dress” to travel.  Now they undress—in the security line or for the security line.  Most people wear shorts, tee shirt and flip flops if they travel by air.  If that is how you prefer to dress, fine, but if you want to look a bit spiffier, try the unruffled comfort of your own car.

4. No security checks.

Keep your shoes and your belt on, avoid that strange jumping-jack position in the x-ray machine, skip the long lines, the suspicious looks, the jostling people in front and behind you.  Keep your mini Swiss Army knife on your keychain instead of having it confiscated, never to be seen again.  These are some of the joys of avoiding the necessary but annoying realities of flying.

5. No luggage limitations.

Need a nice variety of things when you get where you are going?  Relax!  There is plenty of room in your big truck or hatchback for one more item or four, and no one is counting or charging you extra.  It will not shift overhead during your trip, and you don’t have to roll your stuff half a mile from the tram to the gate and back again, either.

6. No annoying seatmates.

Yes we have all had them in the all too close quarters of a modern jet, those pesky people with oversized handbags that flop on your feet, those children who are old enough to know better who fuss from takeoff till landing, the guy who wants to tell you all about his last bunion operation and the gal who wore a whole bottle of perfume. And you are a captive audience to them all. That said, there are still plenty of ways to annoy your road trip buddy.

7. More options for sightseeing.

Yes a view of the Grand Canyon from the air is a thrill but so is a view from the rim.  Same is true for any city lighted up in all its glory.  Every road has a few turnings that just might lead to some off the beaten path discovery. From fun roadside attractions to amazing treasure troves.  We found our antique end tables driving—one in Vermont and the other in Tennessee.  Not on the same trip.  Taking them home in the car was easy as pie.  Try that on a plane.

8. The food is better.

When was the last time you were served an in-flight meal?  And did you rave about it afterward?  And then there are those day-old turkey wraps they overcharge you for in the airport that they call food.  When you drive the nation, you can dine where you please, from some charming café to the grandest linen and sterling dining room, or take a picnic of food you know is great because you made it yourself.  And by the way, you can eat overlooking a waterfall or beach.

9. It costs less.

Not in every instance, but in many, it truly does save you money to drive instead of fly.  Let’s say you are a family of four, and your round trip airfare is about $400 per person.  Could you drive to your destination for much less than $1,600, all in one vehicle?  Of course you could. Plus you can save on your hotel rooms too! And with the money you save, you can plan your next driving vacation!

Not ready to commit to a full road trip? You could always combine air and road travel with the Fly & Drive Road Trip! Happy driving!