Screenshot of WiFi Finder App

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Techies, we’ve all been there before. You find yourself stuck in the middle of some city, be it for work, pleasure or some random adventure. You’ve got to send a quick email and all you have with you is your mobile phone and tablet. You’d rather not use your phone’s data plan (especially since you’ve already tapped out of it) so the only option is to locate some WiFi. Preferably for free. Pull out that oh so smartphone of yours and bring up the WiFi Finder app.

We are huge fans of this app simply because it’s easy to use and it takes very little time to locate areas with WiFi. After identifying your location, the app quickly brings up areas that have free WiFi connections. Did you know that many parks, restaurants and bars offer free WiFi? We didn’t know either until the app brought up various public places with free WiFi connections.

Download the app for FREE at Google Play and at iTunes.