As the summer months wind down and the kids prepare to head back to school, it’s normal to find yourself in a post-vacation slump. After all, it can be difficult to transition back to the everyday routine once you have had the opportunity to enjoy perfect weather, great company and breathtaking sunsets.

After a fun trip with family or friends, it can be easy to let the good times slip away from memory. To be sure you have cherished keepsakes for many decades to come, consider coordinating some craft ideas before you embark for your trip. Our team at has cmpiled our 5 Favorite Craft Ideas to Commemorate Summer Vacations!

Seashell Lamp

If you enjoy long walks on the beach, then you will certainly appreciate commemorating your findings in a visual way. A seashell lamp is a simple, yet classy, way to showcase your seaside memories to family, friends and other guests in your home. Simply collect your favorite shells and fill a glass base with your selections. If you’d like, add a touch of sand for an even more unique look. Either way, your shells will surely shine bright!

Summer Scrapbook

Nothing beats a good old fashioned scrapbook! Nowadays, scrapbooks can be as simple or as complex as you prefer! Most scrapbooks have blank construction paper in clear sleeves, allowing you to position your pictures in any manner you choose. Layer photos, papers and embellishments for a perfect collage look for travel layouts. You might also consider mixing embellishments and letter stickers for a fun title.

Memory Ornaments

Christmas ornaments in August? Surely, you jest! In all seriousness, however, it’s never too early to begin holiday preparation. Using tiny apothecary jars available for purchase at any craft store, collect sand from your vacations and sprinkle them into the jar. Then, add a slip of paper with the name of the beach or a photo of your trip. Gift your ornament to a loved one or bottle it up for yourself as way to cherish your trip memories for years to come.

Travel Shadowbox

Keep all those little bits of paper you get from traveling and showcase them in a manner that will allow you to enjoy the cherished memories permanently. Simply choose a letter (or a few), and marry them with the perfect images for a special memento. Depending upon the size of your wall space, the sizes of shadow boxes can vary, so consider purchasing one from any local craft store to confirm the right fit.

Travel Journal

While it’s not crafting in the traditional sense, consider purchasing (or making!) a journal so that you can document memories from your trip.  Pocket inserts can hold tickets / receipts / miscellaneous paper souvenirs you find along your trip, functioning as a keepsake collection of memories from your travels.

All good things must come to an end, and vacations are no exception. Don’t despair! What craft ideas would you add to our list? We would love to hear from you! Share your favorite keepsakes in the comment section below.