July is almost over and if you’re burned out from traveling, we’ve got some great tips on how you can enjoy a staycation in your city. Everyone likes getting away for a well-deserved vacation but what happens when you want to do something without having to drive hours away or head to the airport? A staycation can be just as rewarding and most times, you spend a lot less money than you would if you left your city. Check out some of our ways we like to enjoy a good staycation in our cities.

1. Invite Friends To Visit
Don’t feel like going anywhere, but want to have some fun? Invite friends to town! Oftentimes, inviting friends to your city means they’ll want to get out and explore a bit. This is a good chance to really take your city by the horns and ride it! Plan touristy activities for your friends and we guarantee you’ll learn something that you just didn’t know about your fair city.

2. Visit a Neighboring Town
If you’re open to driving an hour or so away, try visiting the next city over. Sure, you’ve seen that city on the highway signs but you’ve never visited. Now is the time! Grab a few clothes and your camera and explore a town that you’ve never given a chance before. You may discover a new restaurant or museum.

3. Stay in a Hotel
If you’re a hotel lover and want to get away without really getting away, what’s stopping you from getting a night’s stay at a hotel in your area? You can discover beautiful hotel jewels in your area simply by crashing at one. A one night’s stay shouldn’t be too pricey and it’s a good way to feel like you’ve left the city without actually leaving it.

4. Take a Tour
All cities, big and small, have some kind of walking tour. Most locals have never been on a walking tour in the city. This is your chance to really get out and explore your city like a tourist. Chances are you will discover places and learn the history about your city all while taking a relaxing tour.

5. Buy Local
For some, going to locally-owned stores and shops is the norm but for others…maybe not so much. If you really want to get away from the same ole’ same ole’ why not visit locally owned stores? Spend a weekend only shopping at stores, shops and boutiques. You’ll be surprised at what you may discover about your city!