Traveling is one of the best things to do. Some of us love to hop in the car and get away, while others enjoy being on a cruise ship and sailing away for a few days. Regardless of where you’re traveling to, by plane, train or boat, you’ll have to get through a port or a station of some sort. Sometimes, you may even have to spend hours there!

Let’s say you’re booking a cruise. Try to book your cruise through one of these cruise ports. They just happen to be a few of the best in America, and before you leave for your vacation, you may not even want to leave the port!

Let’s take a look:

Ft. Lauderdale

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First, Ft. Lauderdale is still neck and neck with Miami, but when it comes down to it the Ft. Lauderdale cruise port is just a little bit better. There are a wide variety of ships that call Ft. Lauderdale home, such as; Silversea, Cunard, Holland America, MSC, Carnival, Celebrity, Costa, Princess, Regent Seven Seas, Royal Caribbean, and Seabourn. Finally, just wait until you enter, the inside is like a shopping mall that you won’t want to leave.

Los Angeles

Bouncing over to the West Coast, Los Angeles is easily a top favorite over there in the Pacific. Out of Los Angeles, travelers can sail way to exotic locations such as Hawaii and Tahiti. Once you’re done on the seas, you can enjoy the bright lights of Hollywood for a night or two. The ships that sail out of Los Angeles are Seabourn, Carnival, Crystal, NCL, Princess Regent Seven Seas, Cunard, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Silversea and Celebrity.


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Also, out of Miami you can easily escape to a tropical Caribbean island for a few days. Miami is a great cruise port city because you can enjoy the fabulous south beach before or after your trip. Not only is it a world-class city, but it’s also home to the best cruise ships in the world.

New York

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Additionally, when you think of cruising, the first place you probably think of is probably Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, right? Well, let us fill you in – New York is one heck of a cruise port! Think about it for a second. You spend a few days in the Big Apple, then spend a week cruising away to Bermuda, or the Caribbean. You can literally have the best of both worlds within a day of each other!


Lastly, we love Seattle’s cruise port! First off, you have access to Alaska, and who says you can’t take a cold weather cruise. Alaska is picturesque and beautiful – cruises aren’t always about islands and Rum Runners! Not only can you sail away to beautiful destinations, but you can enjoy the great city of Seattle while you’re on your vacation.

Well – there you have it! Five favorite cruise ports. Whether you’re enjoying the city before or after your cruise, there’s no denying that these are the best cruise ports to sail out of.

What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

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