Living in a city that seems to perpetually bounce between 65 and 75 degrees, no matter what time of year, always seems like a good idea. Especially in the dead of winter for the rest of the country. But, the good news is if you can’t live there full time, San Diego is always welcoming visitors, any time of year and there’s a lot more too it than just the famous Zoo! Here’s our quick guide to San Diego.

Hit the Beach

If there is one thing everyone in San Diego loves to do, it’s hit the beach. There’s no secret why, the city has miles and miles of beautiful beaches, perfect for surfing, swimming, stand up paddle boarding, fishing, or just soaking in the sun. For the best beaches, check out La Jolla Cove, Torrey Pines State Beach and Windandsea Beach. Beach in San Diego

A Photographer’s Dream

What makes San Diego unique as compared to some other cities, it is fully embraces nature trails within the city limits. If you’re a budding (or professional) photographer looking to get some incredible shots, look no further! For the best combination of photos that will make your friends jealous check out Sunset Cliffs Park, Mount Soledad and Coronado Bridge.

Calling All Sports Fans

San Diego is also home to a number of competitive professional teams that play all year round. Take in a baseball game at Petco Park (home to the 2016 All Star Game) to see the Padres take on local rivals. Or, if football is more your game, head to Qualcomm Stadium and view the gridiron in absolutely perfect weather for a Chargers game.

Plenty of Great Eats

San Diego is home to a lot of delicious food. With a heavy Mexican influence, it should come as no surprise that you can find some amazing choices from that cuisine. A local favorite is Oscar’s Mexican Seafood, and for a quick (and cheap) taco try either La Playa Taco Shop or Tacos El Gordo.

Getting Around

If you want to get around town on public transportation, you have plenty of options. In the downtown area, simply look for the colorful trolleys. The red trolley will take you to the hot spots of downtown, while the blue, orange and green can take you further afield. For a relaxing and scenic ride along the ocean, spend a day riding the Coaster.

Have a Wonderful Time

With our quick guide to San Diego, you should have a great overview of just some of the activities you can enjoy during a trip to the area. Of course, there is plenty more for you to see and discover, we’re confident when it comes to a vacation in San Diego, you won’t be disappointed! Did we miss anything? Have some hidden gems you really enjoy from your time in San Diego? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Quick Guide to San Diego