Just in time for one of our favorite holidays, we’ve managed to compile a list of super scary and eerie hotels. Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re looking for a way to really have a frightful good time, why not visit one of these hotels? Let’s face it, stories and tales have been told for centuries about spooky campsites and ghosts. But how often do you hear of haunted hotels. Not often enough, uh? The travel junkies that we are just knew that when the Halloween season came rolling around, that we wanted to provide you with some of the most notoriously scary haunted hotels out there. And excuse our pride, but we think we’ve succeeded.


1886 Crescent Hotel Archives

Hotel Alex Johnson
Rapid City, South Dakota
Professional paranormal investigators from SyFy’s hit show “Ghost Hunters” and novice ghost hunters agree there is significant paranormal activity at the Hotel Alex Johnson. There are countless stories of mysterious sightings, knocks on doors, and unexplained noises in the lobby, ballroom, and crawl spaces. The most notorious story involves a “Lady in White” searching for her murderer on the eighth floor. For a truly adventurous vacation ask for the “Haunted” room package to stay in one of the rumored paranormal rooms.

The Crescent Hotel & Spa
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
When you think of haunted hotels, you may not think of one being in quaint ‘ole Arkansas, right? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. Built in the late 19th century, The Crescent Hotel is one of Arkansas’ greatest historical sites. With such history and significance, a place like this has to have some kind of spookiness to it, right? Built around beautiful flora, The Crescent Hotel is an ideal venue for many looking to get married. It’s a family-friendly property with daily activities for kids and a spa for deserving moms and dads. But ask the staff at this historical hotel and they’ll tell you that the hotel has more to offer than just a pretty venue. Each night the property hosts nightly ghost tours and vistors have been known to see ghosts and see doors opening and closing on their own.

The Stanley Hotel
Estes Park, Colorado
If you know anything about haunted hotels, chances are you’ve heard about The Stanley Hotel as it is indeed one of the most infamous haunted hotels. Located in beautiful Colorado, The Stanley Hotel happens to be the one of the stars in the famous film The Shining. Discovering that alone had us a bit creeped out. After all, if you’ve seen the psycho-thriller, chances if you managed to stay a night at The Stanley Hotel, you’d be a bit unnerved. And rightfully so. Guests have claimed to not only see ghosts but have heard them playing pianos as well. Our favorite thing about this hotel? We love the gift shop chockfull of Redrum memorabilia!

Hotel Provincial
New Orleans, Louisiana
If you’ve ever visited New Orleans, we’re pretty sure that you’ve fallen in love with some part of the city. If not the food, then the music, architecture or the city’s history. An integral part of the city’s history would be the famous Hotel Provincial. Located right in the French Quarter this hotel was once a hospital and guests have claimed to come across several ghost soliders. It’s hard to imagine that hotel as beautiful as Hotel Provincial could be home to ghosts, but hey…we’ve heard of stranger tales.

Pfister Hotel
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Pfister Hotel was opened in 1893 and it is still the beautiful and functioning hotel today as it was back then. It has been said that the founder, Charles Pfister, was a dutiful man who cared very much about his guests. He checked on them and went above and beyond in making sure that they enjoyed their stay. Nothing wrong with that, right? Unless of course that means that Mr. Pfister himself is still around. The Pfister Hotel may believe in some of this as they have a Room with a Boo package for those looking to have more than just a a relaxing time at the historical hotel.

Olde Harbour Inn
Savannah, Georgia
No city spooks us more than Savannah, Georgia. Is it a beautiful city with a ton of historical sites? Absolutely! But is it also known as one of the most haunted places in the world? Oh yeah. It’s not shocking that the city is also home to several haunted hotels. The Olde Harbour Inn is one of them. Built in 1892, the Olde Harbour Inn is a gorgeous little bed and breakfast that happens to be one of the most spookiest of all of Savannah’s old hotels.