Late October means Halloween is coming around, and while there are plenty of cities and towns around America that will be celebrating with plenty of costumes and candy, there are only a handful of spots that really get spooky right.

From haunted mansions, to creepy cemeteries, there is an aura around these cities that bring all those ghosts and spirits to life.

If you love all things horror, demons and goul, why not head out to some of these spooky destinations next time Halloween comes around.

Salem, Massachusetts

Why not start off with the destination that was made famous by burning alleged witches at the stake? Salem, Massachusetts, is located only about 40 minutes north of Boston, and is the perfect spot for a day trip. Not only is Salem right on the ocean and incredibly pretty, the town also works really hard to keep that historic feel alive.

Naturally, the very best time to visit Salem is around Halloween since the entire area really embraces the excitement. Once you head to Salem, be sure to check out the Witch House.

New Orleans, Louisiana

While most people associate New Orleans with parties and amazing food, there is actually a really cool spooky history to the city.

With a noted Voodoo population in and around the city from the very start, New Orleans has a number of buildings and cemeteries that can be toured and allow you to learn a bit of the famous past of the area.

Two places you have to see are the St. Louis Cemetery and the LaLaurie House, preferably take a nighttime tour and really experience them in the dark!

If you want to really add a bit of haunted fun to your next road trip, you have to head out to one of these destinations.

Have you visited Salem or New Orleans? Do you love hitting up spooky destinations? We’d love to hear about it, let us know in the comments!

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