Atlanta is the heart of the South, rich with history and culture. Those who visit this city for the first time and those who have visited before can easily find a new and unique attraction to explore. Some may know of the popular tourist spots and stick to those, while some dig to find the hidden gems within the borders of Atlanta. If you fall into the category of people looking for the secret destinations to make your Atlanta trip memorable, look no further – we found 5 of Atlanta’s best kept secrets to check out during your stay.

1. Sweetwater Creek State Park

Just a short drive west from downtown Atlanta, Sweetwater Creek State Park is a destination where travelers of all ages can visit for picnics, outdoor activities, cliffs, trails and areas to go fishing.

2. The BeltLine

The BeltLine is an urban park that was once a railroad. Visitors can walk, bike or jog the trail, and even spend the day here at one of the cafes or patios overlooking the beautiful scenery.

3. Eddie’s Attic

When you’re talking hidden gems, it’s absolutely necessary to find at least one restaurant, bar or lounge that fits this category. When we’re talking about Atlanta, Eddie’s Attic is that gem. This is the little hideaway you want to find for its quaint ambiance, smooth acoustic nights, excellent food and delicious drinks.

4. Sweetwater Brewery

Sweetwater is the local brew of Atlanta, and visiting the brewery is a fun day for those who appreciate the brewing process (and you get some yummy samples throughout your visit.)

5. Fernbank Museum of Natural History

If museums are up your alley, you can’t go wrong at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. You’ll always find something interesting here. Love a good movie night? Head over to their ‘Martinis & IMAX’ night where you can sip delicious drinks while watching a movie on their big screen!

Do you have a hidden gem spot in Atlanta? Let us know by leaving your secret place in the comments below!