Back when all of my extra money went to traveling, I spent a lot of time flying to New York City. I would go at least once a month without fail. Last month I took a trip to the Big Apple for the first time in about 2 years. I was only going to be in town for a few meetings and then I would be leaving the next day, but I didn’t care…I was excited. I love New York City. You couldn’t pay me to live there (unless you paid me A LOT) but I love visiting and can never get enough of that magnificent city.

I usually fly into JFK Airport but this trip sent me to LaGuardia Airport. Those who frequently travel to and from NYC have their preferences but I’ve never preferred one airport over the other. They are equally crowded with far more people than the average airport. I find that JFK Airport tends to have more shopping and nicer lounging areas but I’m perfectly okay with flying in and out of LaGuardia too.

I tend to stay up on airport news so imagine my surprise when I came across Delta terminal’s newest facelift! iPads, iPads everywhere! Perfect for tech junkies and kids with sticky fingers, the Delta terminal at LGA has iPads all over the seating areas. Said iPads are docked at tables and at the bars. They not only provide flight information, but they have free games, internet access and you can order food directly from the iPad. How cool! Scouting out an available one can be tricky if your terminal is already flooded with people, but if you’ve got enough time, it’s easy to plop at a table that is a few exits away from your terminal. Also, I found that LGA had more electric outlets than any other airport I’ve been to. I hate having to fight 400 people to charge my electronic devices.

Oh, LGA…you are one crowded airport, but this tech lover can appreciate these kind of amenities. Thank you.