If you’re a foodie, then chances are you’ve already heard about the “farm to table” movement that’s sweeping the nation. The idea behind farm to table is that instead of importing food from far off locals, restaurants instead look locally. They prefer to work in conjunction with area farms to get food that is fresh, free of chemicals and better on the environment.

The most famous pioneer of the farm to table movement is Alice Waters who started out at Berkeley, California’s Chez Panisse. It then spread to cities like Seattle, San Francisco and Boulder. Now, the farm to table movement has now moved into cities all over the country, and are producing some pretty amazing food that has crowds flocking.

So, if you’re looking to experience some amazing farm to table meals on your next vacation, take a look at some of these restaurants.

Island Creek Oyster Bar

This seafood restaurant, located in Boston, Massachusetts, started as a collaboration between a chef and a farmer. The waters off of Boston have a very unique ecosystem, thus producing some of the most delicious oysters in the United States. Check out Island Creek Oyster Bar for more information.

North Pond


Chef Bruce Sherman is the mastermind behind this classic farm to table restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. North Pond has not only attracted the attention of local diners, since it has also recently won both a James Beard award and a Michelin Star.


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This gastropub in Hilton Head, South Carolina prides itself on serving delicious locally sourced food in a rustic and relaxing atmosphere. Not only does the food draw in diners every year, but their artisinal cocktails are a massive part of the experience as well. For more about NEO, visit their website.

Fort Collins Brewery & Tavern

Diners get a two for one bang when they enjoy a meal at Fort Collins Brewery & Tavern. The tavern makes everything, even the condiments, in house and relies completely on local farms for meat and produce. At the same time, many experts consider the brewery one of the best in America.

Pizzeria Bianco

Another James Beard award winning chef is Chris Bianco, the owner of Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, Arizona (with additional spots in Tucson). Many foodies, critics and experts alike cite his thin crust, wood fired pies as the best pizza in the country.

Founding Farmers Restaurant

Another collaboration between farmers and chefs, this Washington, DC hots pot is taking the city by storm. Each day, chefs prepare the menu from scratched based upon whatever fresh meat and produce is available. Learn more about Founding Farmers here.

The Greenhouse Tavern

Cleveland, Ohio might not be the first city to come to mind when foodies think of farm to table, but Chef Jonathon Sawyer has decided to bringing the finest local food available to his hometown with The Greenhouse Tavern. He uses his menu to cater to everyone who wants to try great food.

What are some of your favorite farm to table restaurants? Let us know in the comments!