Virginia is a historic and beautiful state in America that remains authentic for its classic, mid-Atlantic charm. When you’re visiting a new town in Virginia, taking a sightseeing tour can guide you through all of the key areas in that city. Whether you choose a guided walking tour or a bus tour, you won’t regret your decision to including this in your travel plans. Cities such as Alexandria, Richmond and Jamestown are just a few of the famous Virginia destinations for travelers.

Sightseeing tours can make your visit to the city an enjoyable one, without the stress of trying to figure out where to go on your own. You can enjoy a few hours walking around with a guided map, or sit back and relax on a bus while your tour guide drives you through the most reputable parts of the city.

If you’re planning a trip to Virginia, check out a few of these excellent guided sightseeing tours:

Alexandria Colonial Tours

As Alexandria’s most reputable sightseeing tour, Alexandria Colonial Tours offers fun and educational tours for solo travelers to large groups. Guests can choose which tour they’d like to participate in, whether it be a private ghost tour or a History of Alexandria Tour.

Historic Jamestown Guided Tours

Jamestown is the oldest colony in the thirteen American colonies. Since there is so  much interesting history, there are several tours and programs that visitors can participate in to get a first hand look at an important town that laid the foundation for America.

Richmond, Virginia Tours

From boat tours to walking tours, Richmond offers a variety of different ways to see the city from those who know their way around. Richmond is rich with culture, history and beauty and can be enjoyed by all who choose to take any sightseeing tour.


If you’re planning a trip to Richmond, Jamestown or Alexandria, be sure to keep as much money in your pocket by saving money on your hotel stay. Check out great hotel deals in Virginia.