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Us geeks love anything revolving the future. And we’re not just talking about watching Star Wars and Star Trek like they recently debuted. Oh no. We love taking a peek into the future. The television show The Jetsons gave us a brief glimpse into what we thought would have been our future (we’re still waiting on the flying cars) but when it comes to air travel, no app can tease us more than The Future by Airbus. Available for free in the Apple store, The Future of Airbus is one of the coolest apps we’ve ever seen. While not an app geared towards productivity, it is certainly an app that will have you scrolling through it for hours on end.

Check out the description for the app,

“Based on extensive research into the way the world’s population is changing, the Airbus Concept Cabin illustrates what the future of flight might look like from the passengers’ perspective. Inspired by nature – and designed to protect it – aircraft cabins of the future will be customised to the needs of individual passengers.” (source)

Cool stuff, uh? The app is more than just lingo about how awesome airplanes will be in the future. The quality photos give viewers a realistic view of what we can hope to expect in the future. Golf on a plane? Easier luggage handling? Morphing chairs? We can only hope that these changes will be implemented before our great-great-grandchildren make their arrivals. The app is one big tease as you’ll find yourself wanting these changes now. But hey – change takes time. In the meantime we’ll continue to be  oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over it.

Download The Future by Airbus here.

Any future aircraft geeks out there besides us?