Flying to your next vacation and then renting a car there?  Leaving the old jalopy at home to save on the wear and tear?  Why not give yourselves a change of pace from what you drive at home.  Or maybe you’re thinking about buying a new car.  Renting the model you are interested in will be a great way to test drive and consider your options.  Or maybe you just want to splurge?  Here are ten cars we suggest you put on your list for the two of you for your next driving trip.

Convertibles You’ll Love

Ford Mustang Convertible – This is our top pick for your top down driving.  2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, so why not get a pony car for your next trip, and a ragtop is preferable if you can lasso one.  We rented a Mustang Convertible for our two-week’s drive up and down the Pacific Coast Highway and there was nothing like having the wind and the sunshine all around us.  Maybe it is the ozone created by the sea spray, or maybe the scent of eucalyptus in the air—either way, it was a heady trip from San Diego, up through Big Sur to San Francisco, and back again.  The top goes up and down in a jiffy; you can do it stopped at a red-light.  Sunday morning, driving through Malibu, we  had a nice convertible-to-convertible chat with an immediately recognizable movie star who was also waiting for the light to change.  Did we mention there is plenty of room for luggage for two in the trunk? We enjoyed it so much, that when we went to DC for the Memorial Day weekend, we did an impromptu upgrade to a Mustang convertible, there.  What fun!

Chrysler 200 Convertible From Above

Chrysler 200 Convertible – is another option for you if you want to go topless for your getaway.  More subtle than the Mustang or the Camero, it has a restrained quality that kind of sneaks up on you.  The room for two is comfortable, but we would not suggest you rent this one if  you are taking anyone else any great distance.  Be kind to your passengers and splurge on something with a tad more legroom.

Modern American Muscle

Red Camaro

Chevy Camero – Here is a great alternative to the Mustang, a muscle car for the open road or the twists and turns of the inner city.  The Camero is a smoldering hot vehicle and will turn heads whether  you intend it or not.  So get out of your shell and let your inner tiger roar with this rental.  This is one car where the hardtop is just as slippery looking as the convertible, but if the weather is fine, we say go for the option of opening  it up all the way.

Blue Corvette

Chevy Corvette – Still the classic two-seater, the Corvette may also be your dream car.  If it is, then why not make the dream a reality on your next driving vacation!  Perfect for two, the car ratchets up the excitement quotient standing still, and when it is on the move, watch out!  If you are going to your high school reunion, arrive at just the right moment an wow ’em with this one.  Of course you may want something more sedate if you are meeting the prospective in-laws!

Super Splurges

Red Bentley Convertible

Bentley Convertible – The splurge for top-down driving is this premium luxury vehicle that can be had, for a price.  If you have always dreamed of going down the road with the ultimate car surrounding you, why not make the car part of the ethos of the trip, and you will turn heads for sure.  To rent this or other luxury models, you will probably have to plunk down a sizeable deposit and take out that additional insurance that protects both you and the rental agency.  Yes there are other primo deluxe wheels out there that can be rented and you may want to put them on your short list if you are going the eye-popping luxury route.  May we suggest: Ferrari California, Aston Martin Vantage, and the Masaratti Gran Turismos I.  Just one favor, call me up and take me for a spin with you if you rent one of these babies!

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S – Yes, you can rent the world’s first premium electric sedan for  your next travel splurge.  The Tesla is a laudable vehicle, having won many prized for best car of the year and best car of its type.  In some stated, the Tesla dealerships have been forced out of business because of very weird new car dealership lobby groups. but you can rent one and chances are if you do you will decide that this is the car not just for your next trip but for many a trip thereafter.  Want an EV that is a bit less pricey?  Look for the Nissan Leaf, a car that gets lots of praise from everyone who drives it.

Spacious Rides

Chrysler 300 in NYC

Chrysler 300 – This is our first choice for a traditional sedan rental.  The Chrysler 300 swathes you in unexpected luxury which means that you travel and arrive in style.  We rented one of these thoroughbreds for our trip to and from Lexington and Louisville and the perfectly enjoyable long weekend exploring Louisville, where our home base was right downtown.  The hotel valet snapped to attention when we swooped up under the hotel’s marquee.  It felt as if we were getting the VIP treatment.  We liked the fact that the 300 delivered a soothing quality of comfort as we navigated the city streets and when we were out on the open road in the beautiful rolling horse country.  Those buttery leather seats made the journey relaxing and enjoyable.  There’s plenty of power for the interstate, too.

Nissan Murano With Skyline

Nissan Murano – This is our top suggestion for an SUV rental for two.  What a great SUV this is!  If you have not driven one, you should rent it and enjoy both the view of the road and the roomy comfort it provides.  Especially if you are taking along special equipment that you want to easily stow, which the Murano takes in stride.  We found it was almost as much fun to drive as a sports car, and at the same time it provided excellent sight lines for seeing those beautiful spacious skies and amber waves of grain, as we explored the Denver, Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak and Pueblo areas.  The Murano fits easily into those tight parallel parking spots, just like a sedan.  We found that it did the job with no trouble in the busy and artsy town of Manitou Springs, where the parking spaces can be a tight squeeze. Other great SUV suggestions include the Subaru Forester and the Hyundai Santa Fe.


Hummer – Do you have a big trip ahead of you, across wide open spaces and wilderness areas?  Then maybe the way to go is big like your travel plans, with the Hummer.  The Hummer offers unmistakable styling, surprising luxury and lots and lots and lots of room.  If  you happen to take along a few kids who are not overly fond of behaving while driving, here is a nice extra—they cannot reach each other back there when buckled in, so no more of that “He touched me!” whining and complaining.

Highway Economy

Smart Car for Two

Smart Car – So you are going to be in an urban area, making quick jaunts the various venues on your travel plans and you don’t need to take lots of luggage with you? Then why not rent a Smart Car.  Yes a couple can have this perky runabout, and save on the petrol for sure.  Go green, slash your gas budget and zip into the most surprisingly small spaces with this tiny treat.

Blue Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris – For a lot more room for you and your gear, in a spritely package, and just as much fun per mile, we love the Toyota Yaris hatchback.  So comfy for two and it truly feels like a big sedan if you have a big shoulders and long legs. This little car gets about 37 MPG on the highway and is in the lowest rental price bracket!

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Happy driving!