Let’s be honest, driving isn’t safe no matter where you are. Especially here in America, people from all walks of life get behind the wheel every second of every day. We never know what to expect when we hop on the highway. However, regardless of where you think it’s the most dangerous to drive, there’s probably somewhere else that raises the danger bar. We researched the some of the most dangerous roads in America to share with you (and in hopes that we never have to drive on them!)

Have you ever driven on one of these dangerous roads?

1. I-26

A very small section of I-26 located in South Carolina has been named one of the most dangerous roads in America with a total of 325 people dying in 286 accidents between the years 2000 and 2010.

2. Highway 550

Located in Colorado, the 25 miles of highway connecting Ouray and Silverton is known to be one of the more dangerous roads because it doesn’t have guardrails to protect drivers from any snow or debris.

3. James Dalton Highway

This rocky road in Alaska that connects the North Slope to Fairbanks is one of the most dangerous to be on for it’s sharp turns and winding roads around mountains. Try driving on this road when it’s pitch black out – and you may not make it out alive!

4. California State Road 138

Also known as the “Highway of Death,” California State Road 138 has a record of 56 deaths and over 850 injuries on this road during a five-year time frame.

5. I-95

It was reported in 2009 that I-95 in Connecticut was home to at least 10% of accidents in the United States. For a small 8-mile section on this road, it was also reported to have over 700 car crashes per year.

6. Highway 2

Don’t let this “middle of no where” road make you think that you’re not at risk of getting into a serious accident. Highway 2 located in rural Montana is one of the most dangerous roads simply because of how long it takes for ambulances to arrive to the scene of the accident, which is 80 minutes on average.