With autumn right around the corner, the beautifully-colored foliage lends itself perfectly to DIY projects that will add some fall flair to your home or office. The best part is that none of them will cost you very much to make, since you can find the most important supplies right in your backyard!

Leaf People

It doesn’t get much easier than this cute craft. You can use an old-fashioned sharpie to draw on cute faces, or get some lightweight colored construction paper to cut out the features for your characters and glue them on. Don’t be afraid to get creative with unique or funny shapes to make a fun fall statement.

Leaf Bowls

Both practical and pretty, leaf bowls are easier to make than they appear. For this craft, you’ll need some oven-bake clay, acrylic paint, spray paint, a rolling pin, and a few handfuls of leaves in your favorite colors. Just get the clay warm and pliable, roll it out, and press your desired leaf into the center, using the rolling pin if necessary to deeply embed it.  Cut the outline of the leaf (or a larger oval/circle, if desired) using a knife, remove the leaf from the clay, and place the clay cutout in an oven-safe bowl. Once it’s done baking, decorate the leaf bowl with your favorite hue of acrylic paint, and a final coat of spray paint to seal it. Voila!

Leaf Rubbings

If you’ve ever done any sort of rubbing or tracing — like on gravestones for example — then you’ve already got the hang of this project. Simply grab a variety of different-shaped leaves, pastels or crayons, and a piece of paper. Take one leaf at a time, place it upside-down on a desk or table, cover it with the paper, and color away. Repeat this with each of your leaves until the paper is covered in a colorful autumn design.

Leaf Lanterns

If you’re looking for a cute and trendy way to brighten up the season, look no further than these adorable leaf lanterns. This one takes some planning ahead, as you’ll need to dry and press your leaves for about two weeks. You’ll also need some mason jars, a decoupage paste like Mod Podge, a jar, and a brush. Start by coating the jar with Mod Podge and arrange the leaves on it, brushing over each one with more of the paste. Once dry, do one final topcoat. You can use the jars for decoration, or place a tea light in the bottom for a festive and illuminating accessory!