Forget about the traditional PB&J. Whether you’re heading off on an end-of-summer adventure, or just trying to think outside of the, er, lunch box when it comes to back-to-school meals, we’ve got you covered with some delicious and nutritious options that are easy to assemble.

Tuna or Chicken Salad and Crackers

This one’s super-simple, as you can make a big batch of your desired topping at the beginning of the week, and portion it out into small containers along with the crackers each day. Add some excitement to your tuna with chopped celery, olives, or hard-boiled eggs, or some zip to your chicken salad with grapes and almonds.

Cobb Salad

With hard-boiled eggs, bacon, and the option for delicious extras like avocado or chicken, the classic Cobb Salad packs a punch of protein and nutrients without too much fuss. Plus, we all know bacon makes everything better, and it can make all of the difference when trying to make salad appealing to a picky eater.

Quinoa Bowls

Whole grains might be a tough sell for some kids, but it’s all about how you dress up this lunch, because it’s truly as good as you make it. Get creative with flavors and toppings, such as roasted veggies, shrimp, cheese, or smoked salmon. You don’t have to stick with savory, either; go sweet with fruit, honey, and brown sugar.

Stuffed Peppers

Another choice that allows for plenty of variety. Stuff your favorite bell peppers with rice, meat, beans, cheese, and whatever else you can dream up, and bake them the night before. Keep them in the fridge, cover each pepper in saran wrap to keep the filling in tact, and pack them in tupperware for a yummy next-day lunch.

BLT Pita Pockets

With just three ingredients for the filling, the tried-and-true bacon, lettuce, and tomato can truly do no wrong. For a change of pace and easier eating, use hearty a pita instead of flimsy white bread.

Cheddar-Apple Sandwiches

Who said that every sandwich calls for cold cuts? Stack slices of cheddar and your favorite variety of apple on a croissant, multi-grain bread, or baguette. Feel free to add your favorite fruit jam for a touch of sweetness, or some fresh arugula to give it an extra kick.