There’s never been a better summer to get outside and explore the beautiful natural landscapes of our national parks. There’s an escape to be found for you, no matter what you enjoy. Get inspired by some of the most popular parks below!

Yosemite (California)

Yosemite National Park

Pack up your tent and get ready for an experience in the wilderness like no other—many Yosemite visitors opt to go camping here rather than just go for the day. If you do just want to make it a quick trip, however, you can still have a great time exploring the 1,200 square miles hiking, biking, birdwatching, rock climbing, or picnicking.

Bryce Canyon (Utah)

Bryce Canyon National Park

Amazing rock formations and hoodoos combine with incredible views in Bryce Canyon to make for an unforgettable experience. In addition to pursuits like hiking and daily ranger-led geology talks, you can even get a guided tour of the park via horseback.

Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Grand Canyon National Park

If you haven’t been, it might be time to check this off the bucket list. Not only are there a wealth of activities, from walking the Trail of Time to going on a photo expedition or even taking a mule ride! The views are spectacular no matter how you choose to see the canyon.

Acadia (Maine)

Acadia National Park

Not far from the bustling vacation town of Bar Harbor is this 47,000-acre expanse of trees, trails, and North Atlantic coastline. There are 158 miles of hiking trails and 27 miles of historic motor roads if you prefer to check out the park that way. There are plenty of kid-friendly activities, too: play on the two beaches, take a ranger-guided boat cruise, or learn about the plants and animals of the park at the nature center.

Zion (Utah)

Zion National Park

There’s a wide variety of natural wonders to behold, including canyons, forests, rivers, chasms, and even waterfalls. Not up for exploring on foot? Take a ride on Zion Scenic Drive and marvel at the incredible views.