Nothing says “Spring” better than searching through a large field for as many vibrant and colorful Easter Eggs as you can get your hands on. Some eggs are empty, and some are filled with candy or even better – money!

Most people may assume that Easter Egg hunts can only be enjoyed by young children, however, many adults enjoy the activity just as much as the kids do. Whether you’re having a small Easter Egg hunt in your backyard, or conducting a community hunt, there’s nothing that can beat the Guinness World Records’ Largest Easter Egg Hunt in the world. ┬áDidn’t think there was such a thing? Think again.

Imagine searching for 501,000 Easter Eggs. Sounds impossible, right? Since when has the word “impossible” stopped anyone from making something possible? Impossible certainly didn’t stop Cypress Gardens Adventure Park (now LEGOLAND Florida) from making the World’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt from happening on April 1, 2007. This hunt consisted of 9,753 children and their parents searching for a total of 501,000 Easter eggs. ┬áThis massive Easter Egg Hunt, conducted in Winter Haven, Florida was recognized as a record breaker according to Guinness World Records.

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