Confession: I’ve never been a coffee drinker. I know, I know…at almost 30-years old it is really pitiful that I haven’t been dependent on the stuff at least once in my life. Somehow I made it through my college years without having to go through an insane caffeine addiction. When I tell friends this, they’re shocked because “doesn’t everyone love coffee?”. Nope. Everyone does not love coffee. However, those that do love it REALLY love it and they often have their preferences. I recently hit the road with a friend of mine and before we even booked the hotel she wanted to know what kind of coffee they served. Crazy, huh? She called up to see.

“Hi, excuse me…I’ll be staying at your property in the next few weeks and I wanted to know what kind of coffee you serve in the morning.”

“Yes, but what kind?”

“Are there any other flavors?”

“Do you have a Starbucks nearby?”

“Okay, thanks.”

My friend hung up the phone and told me that we’d have to find another hotel to stay at because there was no way we could stay at THIS hotel because their brand of coffee just wasn’t going to cut it. I tried to see if there was some sort of funny tone in her voice but she was serious. After about 3 phone calls, she managed to find a property whose coffee she could tolerate for a 2-night stay. I had no idea that coffee aficionados were so…serious?

Would you consider yourself to be a coffee snob?