The Ferris Wheel From The Divergent MovieNavy Pier
One of the most memorable scenes from the book (and the movie) is when Tris and Four climb to the top of the Navy Pier Ferris wheel. Although it would be illegal for you to climb to the top of this Chicago landmark, you can certainly visit the Pier Park and ride to the top the traditional way. Another capture the flag location is just steps away, in one of the ballroom towers in the Navy Pier building closest to Lake Michigan (which is noticeably dry in the film).


The Building Dauntless Zip Line FromJohn Hancock Building
To experience an impressive view, visit the John Hancock Observatory in the Magnificent Mile area of Chicago. For the most authentic Divergent experience, take a nighttime trip (last admittance is at 10:30 p.m.) to the top of the tower and imagine zip lining for 1.5 miles all the way to Dauntless headquarters. Plus, you’ll see incredible views of the skyline from 1,000 feet high.



Glass Dome Erudite Building From DivergentUniversity of Chicago
In the movie, when Tris steps into Erudite headquarters, you know instantly that’s where you are – and it’s not just because of all the bookworms wearing blue. The scenes set in Erudite headquarters were filmed on the University of Chicago campus, in the library buildings. You can tour the campus yourself when you visit Chicago.

The Hub Tower From DivergentWillis Tower (formerly Sears Tower)
All visitors to Chicago should see the Willis Tower, but for Divergent fans, this is even more of a must-see. Willis Tower is referred to as “The Hub” in the Divergent series, and it’s where major events take place, like when Tris chooses to become Dauntless. Still called the Sears Tower by many Americans, it’s now the second-tallest building in the United States, after the new One World Trade Center in New York City.

The Train Tris Jumps From in DivergentThe Train
In the Divergent series, the train itself is practically a main character. The primary form of Dauntless transportation, the L Train plays a big role in Tris’ first experiences with Dauntless. Regardless of where you’re headed, the L is the perfect mode of transportation for a Divergent tour of the city. Remember to follow all city rules and ride the train safely – do not attempt the stunts seen in the film.