You’ve heard of staycations before, haven’t you? My bet is that you’ve been on some without even knowing. A staycation isĀ the idea of staying at or near home and enjoying the local treats that your city has to offer. If the economy has you pinching pennies and you can’t quite afford the Hawaiian getaway that you’ve been planning for your family, we think a staycation is ideal.

The kids are back in school and may be a little antsy with anticipating their holiday vacations and you’d love to reward them with something nice without going overboard. Check out our list of 6 ways to enjoy a staycation.

Visit a state park

What better way to appreciate and marvel at nature than visiting a state park? Admission is usually reasonably priced with admission for children often being free. Most of the country is slowly transitioning out of the blazing temps from summer. Before it gets chilly, a visit to a state park will be enjoyable for the entire family. Pack some lunches, take walking tours and experience a part of your city that you don’t get to see often.

6 Ways to Enjoy a Staycation

Support a CauseĀ 

Don’t think you have to be a top Olympian to enjoy running, walking or biking for a cause. With Breast Cancer Awareness month coming up, perhaps getting your close friends or family members together to walk in honor of a survivor will be just what you need to shake those “I need a vacation” blues. Aside from meeting new friends, you’ll unite with your community for such a great purpose.

6 Ways to Enjoy a Staycation

Go to the Theater

While there’s nothing like catching a blockbuster film with the 3D effects in IMAX theaters, sometimes simple is better. Most cities have small and quaint theaters with good eats, comfortable seats and great prices.

6 Ways to Enjoy a Staycation


You pass by them all the time and if you grow up in the city you currently live in, you may have gone for a field trip when you were in 3rd grade. We’re talking museums. They are more than just visiting spots for tourists. As a local, you don’t know what surprises await you at a local museum.

6 Ways to Enjoy a Staycation

Visit a Neighboring Town

You know the city that you always pass through on your way back from a vacation? Why not explore it a bit? Sure, it may not have the coolest mall, but there may be some antique shops or historical spots that may peak the families interest.

Local Restaurants

We all love Ruby Tuesday’s, Olive Garden and Red Lobster, but if it’s a home cooked meal you seek, try one of your city’s many local restaurants. You’ll be supporting your community and may discover a new mouth watering dish.

6 Ways to Enjoy a Staycation

Know of any ways to enjoy a staycation? Let us know!

6 Ways to Enjoy a Staycation