What sends a smartphone obsessed traveling guy or gal over the moon? That’s easy. A techie traveler loves nothing more than a location-based app. We already get pleasure in showing off the cool tricks that our smartphones can do. Getting the opportunity to take it a step further by playing with cool location-based apps just makes it better. Sure, we love Angry Birds, Evernote and online banking apps, but travelers need something more. That’s where these apps come in handy.

Yelp: Not only does it allow you to “Check-In” at various venues, but Yelp is one helpful app for travelers. Looking for the nearest pizza spot? Not only will Yelp give you directions, phone numbers and business hours, but you can also check out the reviews left by other visitors. I’ve discovered many wonders thanks to Yelp. In fact, call me a travel snob, but oftentimes, I don’t even visit a restaurant until I’ve looked it up on Yelp first.

Top location apps

Instagram: While this iPhone-exclusive photo sharing app makes Android and Blackberry users a little sad, I can’t deny just how amazing this app is. It turns any “regular ole’ picture” into a work of art. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to crank out beautiful pictures of your travels. Your friends can follow you and if you’re so inclined, you can follow others.

Top location apps

Foursquare: Known as one of the most popular location-based apps, Foursquare makes showing off where you’ve been fun. Multiple check-ins can result in the chance of becoming Mayor and it goes uphill from there. Some places reward their mayors with free drinks and meals. Oversharing has its benefits!

Foursquare Check-in

Photo Source: Foursquare.com

SCVNGR: While other location-based apps may require a simple check-in, SCVNGR actually wants to put you to work by allowing users to do challenges. Don’t just show up. Get involved!

Top Location Apps