It all began 45 years ago in San Francisco and now, more than 192 countries join in the celebration of Earth Day! It’s the largest secular holiday in the world and is celebrated by many from peacemakers to spring enthusiasts. Going to an Earth Day event can be a wonderful experience if only to get outside and appreciate nature. This year, various locations around the U.S. are getting into the earthy spirit, so we are highlighting three epic Earth Day festivals.

Earth Day Festival San Francisco
(San Francisco, CA)

If you really want to embrace Earth Day and get in touch with nature, you must go straight to the source: San Francisco! Anyone who knows a thing about Earth Day knows that San Francisco is the mother of macrocosms when it comes to parties. With gardening workshops, organic food vendors and planet dancing you might want to brace yourself for exciting and new experiences!

Official site for San Francisco Earth Day Festival

St. Louis Earth Day Festival
(St. Louis, MO)

Home to the 2nd largest Earth Day festival in the country, St. Louis actually celebrates the Earth throughout the entire month of April! Many of the events in St. Louis are focused on raising awareness for environmental issues and educating the public. The festival itself features exciting musical entertainment and performances, fresh local food and much more.

Official site for St. Louis Earth Day Festival

WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 21
(Orlando, FL)

For 20 years, Clear Channel’s rock station, WJRR has hosted an Earth Day festival in Central Florida and each year the lineup for entertainment has been incredible. But what makes this festival epic this year is its 21st birthday! WJRR is commemorating its anniversary with special guest appearances from bands such as Saving Abel and Fuel. You won’t want to miss this party!

Official site for WJRR Earthday Birthday Festival

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