When you think of a road trip, what comes to mind? Maybe a classic car, convertible open, cruising down the old dusty Route 66. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, you can still do it, and thousands of people love to take this classic ride every year.

Route 66 

Created in the 1920’s, Route 66 really rose to fame in the 1960’s and was the epitome of a cool place in the U.S. While the road has been decommissioned as a national highway, in many states the road has still been preserved as a scenic route, including all those diners, gas stations and neon signs, and makes a perfect road trip destination.

Where to Start

While the route originally went from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles, some of the sections are a far more scenic drive today than others. Enthusiasts have dedicated websites that can give road trippers state by state hints and tips to make sure you see the best that Route 66 has to offer!

The Tail End

Most people find the tail end of Route 66 through New Mexico and Arizona to be the best and most authentic part of the ride. Not only will you encounter plenty of natural beauty from the desert surroundings, but some towns from the Old West along the way. And, of course, some of the great Americana roadside attractions will dot your journey along Route 66.

National Parks

Beyond those famous roadside attractions, through this area of Route 66, you will come close to a lot of beautiful State and National Parks. It’s worth the time to plan ahead and take a few mini trips off Route 66 to see some incredible natural beauty like El Malpais National Monument, the Petrified National Forest, and the big daddy of them all the Grand Canyon.

Have Fun!

Just a week driving along old Route 66 will bring you enough memories to last a lifetime! You will be able to make a check off that bucket list, see some true Americana, and experience a little bit of nature all at the same time.

Have you taken a Route 66 road trip before? Let us know what some of your favorite spots along the route are in the comments!