Whenever possible: take the scenic route.

Because the only thing better than going on a road trip is going on a road trip where you can take your time and absorb everything. 

Roll down the windows, smell all the smells, let the wind blow in your face and through your hair, and just know that you don’t have a single care in the world.  

Take the scenic route. Especially if you happen to be nearby Route 97 in Port Jervis, New York, where there’s a winding road called Hawk’s Nest.

Hawk’s Nest 

The name, “Hawk’s Nest,” comes from the birds of prey in the area. 
It’s about an hour long drive with a breathtakingly beautiful view of the Delaware River on one side, and hundreds of feet of stone wall on the other. It’s hands-down one of the most scenic drives in all of New York; in fact, you’ve probably seen it before in a movie or commercial.

However, nothing compares to seeing it in person.


Hawk’s Nest is about three hours from New York City. It’s a part of the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, a 70-mile stretch that spans three different countries. 

You’ll know when you’ve hit Hawk’s Nest because it’s a bit twistier than the rest of the drive. So be mindful of the speed limit – which is 25 mph- and drive carefully. 


This drive is perfect any time of the year and has plenty of pull off areas to stop and gaze along the way. Just be careful of passing cars. And bring your camera!

During Summer, you might find river rafters paddling down in the water. During Autumn, you will be blown away by all of the colorful foliage and sunsets. In Winter, a thick white blanket covers the bushes. In Springtime, new flowers come out to play.  

It’s a bucket list item, for sure. 

Enjoy the ride 

Have you driven through Hawk’s Nest before? We’d love to hear what you thought about it inside of our comment section. 

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