You’re on Facebook, aren’t you? I mean, isn’t everyone? I remember when Facebook used to be just for the cool college kids, but now just about everyone is on Facebook, even my parents and younger siblings. *gulp* I come from the generation that were the first kids to have laptops and computers in their rooms so I certainly know how to use good ole’ social media to my advantage. When it’s time to start planning a trip, I usually head to my group of Facebook friends. Sure, we may not talk often and I haven’t seen a few of them in over 10 years (we were in 3rd period American History class together?) but most people love being asked random questions like “Where should I go this summer?”.

Pictures don’t lie.

Those who are very active and like to travel are usually posting picture albums regularly on Facebook. On days where I am beyond bored, I like to scroll through these picture albums. Remember when I went to Siesta Key? That trip was inspired by a friend on Facebook who uploaded fantastic shots of the beach. She didn’t know it, but by her 18th photo I was sold and was starting to plan my own trip. Your Facebook friends are travel agents without even knowing it.

The best reviews come from those who have actually experienced it.

Travel books and websites that have a dozen authors can be entertaining to read, but when you really want to know where the locals hang out and which beach is the best, your Facebook friends will tell you. They don’t have anyone paying them to write a post so their opinions and pictures are real!

You can ask unlimited questions.

Want to know an ideal meal for those visiting New Orleans for the first time? Or how about that hang gliding experience in Orlando? Is it really worth the money? Only real people can answer these questions and friends who have just left these locations are the best people to ask. Plus, Facebook makes it easy to respond send and respond to messages both at a desktop and via mobile.

If you don’t have many friends that travel or are looking for a few more like our pages and we’ll give you plenty of real advice and tips.

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