Inspired by one of our favorite tech-lovin’ managers, we will be launching a very new series on the Drive The Nation blog. We’ve been known to be pretty app-driven around these parts. And by app-driven, we mean we can find an app for virtually anything. Therefore, it only makes sense that we start sharing some of our favorite mobile apps with our favorite people. These apps will be perfect for entertaining while you’re stuck traveling on the road or in between layovers. Let’s face it – we’re all kids at heart and nothing makes the time pass by quicker than silly little games on our smartphones.

First up? SongPop
Song Pop Logo
Available in both the Apple App Store and Android Google Play, SongPop is a free app that is the ideal app for music lovers of all genres. Think of it as music trivia. Select a genre or era (ex: 90’s Alternative or Love Songs) and you and a friend get a snippet of a song. Three to four options are listed and whoever guesses the song correctly gets points! Of course it’s a timed game so the quicker you get to guessin’, the more points you get. Facebook Connect allows you to play with your friends or if your friends aren’t cool enough to have this app yet, you can play with a random user. In-App Purchases allow you to narrow down genre choices and quite honestly, if you’re addicted to the game, the $1.99 purchases are worth it. We’re in love with this app and we’re not quite sure how we managed so long without it!
Any music lovers want to challenge us?