Some travelers spend their vacation days traveling overseas, while other plan out an extreme adventure trip right here in the states. Not only are there an endless amount of destinations to see in America, but there are also so many different ways to see them. Some of us enjoy driving around and capturing an experience on our cell phone cameras, while others want to be right in on the action and take an adventure trip. If you fall into the latter category, be sure to check out these ideas for an adventure travel trip.

Dogsled the Boundary Waters (Minnesota)

When was the last time you hopped on a dogsled and blazed trails on the Boundary Waters in Minnesota? Probably not too recently, or ever, right? This made it on our list because of the unique adventure that comes with running with a team of huskies through the trails.

Dog-sledding with huskies

Dive Freshwater Caves (Florida)

Florida is home to many exciting adventures, but our favorite is diving down one of their fresh water caves. Test the waters at Ginnie Springs Cavern and view life beneath the surface.

 Hike the Zion Narrows (Utah)

The Zion Narrows in Utah is one of the most famous trails to trek though. Pack up a backpack and hike the trails fit for any skill level. You’ll come across breath taking views and an outdoor adventure unlike any other.

Float the Big Bend of the Rio Grande (Texas)

The Rio Grande is one of Texas’ most famous outdoor playground to fulfill an adventurer’s wanderlust. Deep in the southwestern corner of Texas, the Big Bend of the Rio Grande welcomes guests to come float around for a few hours.

Snowkite Camas Valley (Idaho)

You’ve probably heard or snowboarding, and heck, you’ve probably heard of kiteboarding. However, if you put the two together, have you ever heard of Snowkiting? That’s right, snowboarding with a kite, letting the wind guide you. Snowkiting is big in the Camas Valley in Idaho and is one of our favorite ideas for an adventure trip. 

Sliding Ski-Kiter

Sail the Manitous (Michigan)

The Manitous is one of Michigan’s best known sailing destinations and makes for a fun and adventurous day outdoors with other skilled sailors familiar with the location.

Kayak the Na Pali Coast (Hawaii)

If you believe that there is a true heaven on earth, than we can describe it at the Na Pali Coast in Hawaii. Kayaking through the Na Pali coast is a wonderland for natural outdoor beauty that will blow your mind.

Climb Mount McKinley (Alaska)

Mount McKinley is the most famous mountain to climb in Alaska and has been a climbing destination for travelers from all over the world for many years. We recommend skilled climbers for this adventure, however, there are options for beginner to intermediate climbers as well.

Backpack Glacier National Park (Montana)

When they say there are wide-open skies in Montana, they are probably talking about the view from Glacier National Park. Glacier National Park is one of the most popular backpacking parks, famous for its awe-inspiring mountains, alpine lakes, wildlife, and over 700 miles of trails.

Bike the Maah Daah Hey (North Dakota)

The Maah Daah Hey Trail was a work in progress for 30 years, and today, is one of the most famous and most visited trails in all of North Dakota!