When the temperatures start rising is there anything better than spending a day at a water park? People who live in Michigan know the answer to that- So, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Michigan’s Adventure Water Park is such a big draw. 

Of course, the water park isn’t the only attraction. There are all sorts of things you can do at Michigan’s Aventure from riding roller coasters to catching some live entertainment.

Sounds fun, right?

That’s why we’re going to be digging into in this post. You’ll get a quick tour of everything you can do at Michigan’s Adventure Water Park. 

Let’s go!

WildWater Adventure Attractions

woman in bikini swimming in a crystal clear blue pool on a sunny day

Grab your swimsuits and get ready to have fun! The water park portion of Michigan’s Adventure, WildWater Adventure, has a ton of slides and attractions you’re gonna love. 

Water Rides

There are four main water rides at the park: Adventure Falls, Grand Rapids, HydroBlaster, and Logger’s Run. These range from a log flume style ride to a river rapids style ride with a little bit of extra adventure thrown in. 


Beyond the rides, there are also a number of slides at WildWater Adventure too. These range from the thrilling Mine Shaft and Funnel of Fear to the tamer and more kid-frienCyclonelone Zone and Paradise Plunge. 

Wave Pools

There aren’t only rides and slides available at the park, you can also take the plunge and go for a dip in one of the three wave pools at WildWater Adventure. Commotion Ocean, Boogie Beach, and the Tidal Wave pools are the perfect spots to splash around with friends and family on those really hot summer days. 

Michigan’s Adventure Attractions

sunset view of a rollercoaster ride

Michigan’s Adventure is way more than just a water park. It has all sorts of attractions that bring people from all over the state (and country). 


One of the biggest draws is the rollercoasters. The park is home to seven coasters that range from family-friendly to full-on adrenaline junkies. Park visitors love the wooden roller coasters Wolverine Wildcat and Shivering Timbers. 

Thrill Rides

If you get tired of riding the rollercoasters, don’t worry, there are plenty of other thrill rides at Michigan’s Adventure. The RipCord, Bumper Boats, and Flying Trapeze are just a few fun rides that have a bit more excitement. 

Family Friendly Rides

Lots of families love to spend a day at amusement parks but it’s even better when there are lots of rides that are great for kids. Michigan’s Adventure has plenty of options when it comes to family-friendly rides. You can rest assured that your kiddos are going to have a ton of fun. 

Getting There

two young boys having fun in a waterpark, riding on an inner tube slide

©Bigstock/ baronb

You’ll find the park right off Route 31 in Muskegon, Michigan. By car, it’s about 45 minutes from Grand Rapids and approximately 90 minutes from Lansing off Route 96. It’s only minutes from the shores of Lake Michigan which makes it a perfect day trip near the lake. 

When the summer comes, you aren’t going to want to miss out spending some time at Michigan’s Adventure. Both the water park and the amusement park have something for everyone and they are the perfect place to spend a day having tons of fun. 

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