Yep, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed an image of snow covered mountains. As a native Floridian images like these always take my breath away. Not enough to want to permanently  move  to an area where snow covered mountains are plentiful, but they are certainly beautiful to look at.

This weekend I had the pleasure of catching up with college gal pals who I haven’t seen in years. Years would be 2 years max but that seems like quite the lifetime for us. One of my friends moved with her family to Colorado and this former self-proclaimed beach babe is now head over heels in love with snow. This weekend was her first visit back to Florida in quite some time and she couldn’t stop complaining about how hot it was and how humid it was and how the air in Colorado just feels better than Florida’s muggy air. She said she couldn’t wait until winter made its appearance and she anticipated the fall of at least 2 feet of snow. Of course, these proclamations left me shocked because who really WANTS feet of snow? Except, maybe skiers. Just as I thought my friend had gone loco, she goes on to say that she’d never trade her snow covered mountains for the beach life. And that’s when I knew she had lost it.

Is it just me or is it safe to assume that the average person would rather be close to a beach than deal with snow 5-6 months out of the year? If you’ve visited and lived in areas with plenty of snow and visited and lived in other areas where sand and waves are presence, which do you prefer? Of course, I’m choosing the beach. The thought of shoveling snow for even one day makes me weak.

What about you?