I love breakfast. No, I mean I LOVE breakfast. Forget lunch, dinner and snacks. I could very well eat breakfast foods all day. I don’t have to go out to eat, but if I do, I’d much rather go out for breakfast, especially at The Flying Biscuit. Every time I visit Atlanta, the trip isn’t complete until I’ve trekked my way over to to the Buckhead area and gone to town on some of those delicious grits at The Flying Biscuit.

If you visit, be prepared for a wait time, especially if you’re visiting on a weekend. I’ve never visited the place and NOT had to wait a good 30 minutes or so. No biggie. The wait is definitely worth it as the second you sit down at the restaurant, you’re already feeling like you’ve popped in at a friend’s house. The menu is simple and not overly complicated. Eggs, protein, fruit and carbs are the picks and The Flying Biscuit does an excellent job at putting their own spin on classic dishes. I don’t care what you get, you simply can’t leave the restaurant without trying their world famous grits. Even if you happen to think your mom makes the best grits in the world, you’ll definitely be head over in heels in love with The Flying Biscuit’s ridiculously smooth and creamy rendition of grits. If they did well in to-go boxes, I’d hoard the stuff each time I’d visit.

With prices that even the on a budget college student can afford, The Flying Biscuit is a nice treat that won’t break the bank. My only complaint? I wish that they would open up a location closer to me. There is one a good 2 hours for me, but come on…can I really justify traveling 2 hours up the road just for a taste of their delectable biscuits and grits? Well, maybe.

For more information about The Flying Biscuit and to see if there is one in your area, visit their website. – http://www.flyingbiscuit.com/.