I’ve never had a new car. Never. I’m not complaining because I’ve always had good experiences with my used cars. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t get excited about a new car. New cars are exciting! They even have a smell. Since buying a new car isn’t always in my budget, I get my fix through renting cars when I go on road trips. I’m pretty sure my car is stellar enough to get me where I’m going but there are plenty of perks for renting a car instead of taking your own.

Get a new car without buying a new car.

Most rental cars are new. In fact, most of the ones I’ve driven still have the new car smell. If the aches and pains of your used car is starting to get to you, take a rental car out for your next road trip. I am always amazed and the new technology in cars these days. Whereas my car has a standard radio, I’ve driven rental cars that have computers with the radio built in. I usually end up returning the cars with a “I want a new car!” lust but it’s always fun to see the cool things that newer cars have.

Give your car a break.

Everyone needs a break. Including your car. She’s worked so hard for you and has only given you a few issues. Treat your car to a little bit of a vacay and leave her at home the next time you head out of town. This is particularly important for those of us who have cars that are reaching 100,000 miles. I always feel like my car utters “thank you” when I’ve turned the ignition after leaving her home after a long road trip.

Test drive a car you’re interested in purchasing.

I’ve always been a lover of sedans but ever since I had my daughter, I’ve been thinking about getting an SVU. Of course I can test drive one at a dealership but it’s easier to see how the truck will fit in my daily life if I rent one for a few days. My husband, daughter and I had to go out of town for my sister’s wedding and we rented an SVU. It was a great experience and now we are looking into purchasing one in the next year or so.

Are you a fan of rental cars?