Thanks to technology, traveling has gotten so much easier. Long gone are the days of pulling out compasses to determine which direction you’re going in. We’ve got GPS devices built in our cars and on our phones. Getting lost isn’t even a option these days. In no particular order, we’re sharing some of our favorite travel apps.

  • Yelp (free)-Visiting a new city and want to know the best places to eat or shop?
    Yelp can help! Also available online, Yelp is a fantastic and free app that provides location, phone number and real reader reviews of various locations around you.
  •  The Weather Channel app-Nothing sucks more than planning a beach day just to be plummeted with hurricane-force winds. The Weather Channel app makes planning events and travels and little easier by allowing you to have have forecasts in the palm of your hand.
  •  Germaphobes unite! Thanks to SparkleDine honest sanitation ratings are left by former patrons and make it so that you don’t have to worry about questioning the cleanliness of that restaurant next to your hotel.
  •  Flight Board — Get real time updates on the arrivals and departures of any airport.
  •  Free Wi-Fi Finder — Because techies have to always stay connected. Especially when on the move.
  •  Packing Pro — Are you a traveler that is ALWAYS leaving your toothbrush? Packing Pro personalizes a packing check-off list that can help guarantee that you never forget your undies again.
  •  TripIt, we think is the ultimate travel app. Trying to keep up with hotel reservations, flight confirmations, addresses and attractions can can be an arduous task. TripIt acts as your Traveling Secretary and keeps all of your itineraries and confirmations in one place.
  •  GateGuru. Layovers are the pits. Make the most of your time when stuck at a airport by downloading GateGuru to your iPhone. This app lets you know what restaurants and stores are the terminals.
  •  Gas Buddy. Our favorite gas price checkin’ app.
  • can be a public transportation rider’s best friend. For visitors and locals, Hopstop is great telling you which buses and subways to take. We love that it’s offered in over 30 cities!