How often do we take a trip with our family or friends? How often does it get chaotic very quick? We don’t know about you, but sometimes traveling solo can be so sweet without the stresses that can come with traveling with a big group. Regardless, it usually always ends up being a great trip, as long as we keep a few things in mind. Check out some of our tips for traveling with a group. 

Choosing Your Group

Unless you’re going on a family vacation or on a trip with a specific group, one of the most important things to remember when planning your trip is keeping in mind that you can choose who you want to travel with. If there’s some people in particular that you don’t feel comfortable traveling with, simply don’t invite them, or ask other people instead.

Let Everybody Play Their Part

Some of us are great at directions, some are better drivers and some are excellent at finding the best activities. In other words, let everyone play a part instead of leaving everything up to one person. Everyone in your group will have strengths and weaknesses, so let them be in charge of what they are best at.

Group of Friends Sightseeing

Speak Up, but Also Be a Good Listener

Sometimes it’s best to just take a back seat and let someone else lead, or listen to what someone else has to say. When with a group, don’t always be the one who has to put in their two cents, but definitely speak up with the time is right.


Are you all on-board with the expenses of the trip? Did you choose travel arrangements and accommodations within everyone’s budget? Money can be one of the biggest issues when traveling with a group, be sure to make sure you are staying within everyone’s budget before you go.

Look out for group discounts

Which leads to finding excellent group discounts! Group discounts can help reduce the cost of your flights, hotels, activities and so much more. You can go to a 3rd party website to search for group discounts.

Traveling to Your Destination

Keep in mind some of the minor things that can take up time during your travels. Are you checking in luggage while everyone else just has a carry-on? If you are checking in luggage, is it within the allowed size and weight, which is also relevant if you’re carrying on. Anything that might hold up the group should be worked out before leaving.

Group of Friends


It’s bound to happen that a miscommunication will happen at some point. Groups don’t always travel smoothly together, so be sure to keep calm and keep lines of communication open between all guests of the group.

Keep Itinerary Realistic

Don’t try to do everything in one day, be sure to plan plenty of time between activities and meals, and prioritize the most important things for the day. Remember, less is more!

Allow for unscheduled time and/or alone time

Which brings is to building time in the itinerary for everyone to have their own time. If there’s anything I learned about traveling with a group, it’s that people in the group need time to do things outside of the group – trust me on that one!

Have an alternate plan.

Lastly, have plan A, B and C. If you were scheduling a day outdoors, until you get there and the weather conditions won’t allow it, have something else planned without hassle!

Traveling in a group can be just as fun and it can be chaotic, but in the ends the memories are what matter the most! What are some tips you have for traveling with a group? Tell us about it in the comments!