There’s no doubt that Electric Vehicles (EV) have officially made their way into society. They are everywhere on the road and in a large majority of American’s garages. However, we know that these gas efficient vehicles really secured their place now that they are commonly available as rental cars.

When you’re heading out of town, whether it be for business or leisure, and decide to rent an electric car, you’ll be a lot more satisfied with the higher gas mileage and range that comes with these EVs. Especially if you’re planning on driving long distance while you have your rental car and you’re tight on a budget. From the moment you experience driving around for hours and zooming past gas stations without having to fill up, you’ll see why these EV’s are such a big hit.

If you’re new to renting EVs and not sure of what to expect once you get behind the wheel, take note of some of these tips to help you during your trip.

  1. If you’re not familiar with EVs, make sure to plan out your trip before you start to drive. Unlike traditional vehicles, EVs provide a certain amount of driving range, so it’s important to remember that if you’re renting a full EV, plan out your trips and places to charge ahead of time. For example, A Nissan Leaf offers a driving range of about 100 miles before you’re due for a recharge.
  1. Number 1 leads us to charging. If you have smartphone, it is absolutely crucial to download the ChargePoint app. This app navigates all the locations nearby that offer a recharge station for your EV rental. ChargePoint will open up in a map and point out all of the locations near you that offer a recharge station. This is very important to keep on hand.
  1. Plan your hotel accommodation accordingly. Believe it or not, in many urban cities, hotels offer overnight recharge stations for their guests with EVs. If you’re planning on renting an EV, be sure of this amenity before booking your hotel.
  1. There is little to no price difference in renting an EV as opposed to renting a traditional vehicle. Of course, if you’re planning on renting a Tesla, than there may be a slightly larger price difference.

Have you ever rented an Electric Vehicle? How was your experience, and do you have any tips for the road? Share in the comments!