A sure sign of Fall for many who live in the Northeast and Midwest is apple picking. To the uninitiated, apple picking might not seem all that interesting, but for those of us who grew up anxiously waiting for Fall so we could head out to the local orchards, it’s a cherished memory and a lot of fun.

Not to mention apple picking season comes with the crisp cool days and chilly nights, the start of colorful leaves dappling the countryside, and some really delicious food like fresh apple cider, apple pie, and cider donuts.

So, if you haven’t yet experienced a day out in the orchards, this is the year to do it. Look around to your local areas to see where picking is available, or take a weekend off and make a road trip out of it to some of these apple picking hot spots in the Northeast and Midwest.


Deardorff Orchards: Tucked away in Waconia, Wisconsin is the perfect introduction to apple picking. The orchards offer tractor pulled hay rides, beautiful views, and as an added bonus, it’s on on site winery to relax after a long day of picking.

Weston’s Antique Apple Orchard: Not only does this Wisconsin based orchard offer some of the most rare, unique and delicate apples in the country, it’s also part of a National Historic Register. Spend a day enjoying horticultural classes, farm house tours and barrel rides.

Huber Orchard & Winery: If you want to bring the kids along this Ohio spot is the place to be. It has over 600 acres of orchards and farmlands. But the hot spot includes kids events like mazes, a mountain slide, pony rides and even battery operated tractors.


Bear Swamp Orchard: A relatively new orchard, this one has a heavy focus on producing organic apples and keeping the farm as natural as possible, keep an eye out for the fluffy lawnmowers, sheep! There is a cider house on site as well as a nature reserve for hiking.

Liberty View Farm: Another small and organic centric orchard in Upstate New York, one of the coolest features of it (especially if you live nearby) is you can lease your own tree for the season. It has beautiful Hudson Valley views and a farm stand on site as well.

Silverman’s Farm: This Connecticut based farm gives everyone tractor rides on the way to the picking orchards, giving you plenty of time to take in the spectacular Fall foliage and surrounding hills. There is also a large 5 acre petting zoo on site with llama, deer and buffalo!

What are some of your favorite local orchards for apple picking? Let us know in the comments!