Are you looking to road trip it with the kids for the holidays? Make sure to pack your patience, then take a look at these tips to help you. 

Play at Rest Stops:

three kids in an open field playing with bubbles

Rest stops are important when traveling with children. No one wants to sit in the car for long durations; Not you, and not your kids.

Plan to stop every couple of hours for at least 30 minutes each. Bring along some stuff for outdoor play. Inflatable balls are your friends. Bubbles and frisbees are timeless favorites too!

Use the tape to make lines for box ball or hopscotch and use some rope for tug of war. It’s an oldie but goodie- especially if you have a bigger bunch you need to tucker out.

Pack Enough Food:

You can even make a breakfast or lunch picnic out of your stop. Don’t forget to pack a sheet and cooler. Toss in some make-ahead muffins, fresh fruit, sandwiches, and drinks- and you’re gold.

Buying every meal on the road can get expensive. Not to mention, it adds unwanted travel time. By packing a meal or two, and smart snacks between, you’ll be saving yourself time, money and sanity.

What’s left of it, anyway.

Take your Time:

You could be awhile, and that’s okay. Give yourself extra time to get where you are going in case of traffic detours, unexpected overnights, and flat tires.

Always get your car inspected before you leave! Tires, oil, wipers, car seats, etc., and restock your first aid kit.  

Research Hotels:

You want family-friendly chains with the best rates, enough room for everyone, and an on-sight play area if possible.

You can never go wrong with continental breakfast either. Just saying.

Play in the Car:

Two boy in children car seats traveling by car and playing with toys and tablet summertime

Don’t pack so much that you’re cramped. But, have enough entertainment to last.

Think table trays, electronics, small toys, books, magazines, coloring books and no-mess markers.

And what is a family road trip without traditional car games? Get some Eye Spy going or, License Plate Bingo. Look for Santa’s sleigh in the sky, with the help of the Santa Tracker! Or, play a round of The Quiet Game.

Kidding. That last one never works.

When all those things run out, turn on the radio and listen to holiday tunes to get you in the spirit. Then pop in a movie everyone agrees on.

Avoid the Rush:

traffic jam with long line of cars on highway

If you’re able to travel early morning or before nightfall, you might not need all the other tips mentioned.

Only choose these times if you’re well rested and ready for the long haul. Chances are, you will beat the rush, and your kids will sleep through most of the miles.

Blankets, travel pillows and clothes that double as pajamas are essential.

Save the Good Clothes:

Even if you’re driving a short distance, pajamas are still your best bet. Save the good clothes for your destination. Because- wrinkles, spilled drinks, smeared snacks, throw up. You get the picture.

And there will be LOTS of pictures at Grandma and Grandpa’s! So, you want everyone to look their best.

Happy Holidays, from your friends at Drive The Nation! If you need help finding a hotel, take a peek at our sister site, HotelCoupons for some great deals.


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