For road trip enthusiasts, a common day dream is of the perfect car for a new road trip. Whether you’re craving horsepower or a convertible roof, we understand your yearning! We’re sharing our dream road trip cars. Tell us about yours in the comments!

Kim Windyka

I’d love to hit the road in a bright red convertible. Nothing is better than turning the radio up and letting the wind whip through your hair!

Liz Froment

Oh a Mini Cooper Convertible of course! My dream car road trip would be going up the Pacific Coast Highway. Everything I’ve seen about it looks amazing, the rocky shoreline of the coast, the ability to do a detour and check out some National Parks like Sequoia or Kings Canyon, the beautiful scenery and fresh seafood, what’s not to love? I’ve been planning to do it for a while, and am eyeing this Fall!

Jay Dalles

No question, my dream road trip car would be the convertible Nissan Murano, the Murano CrossCabriolet. What a treat to have the SUV stance on the road but the option of top down driving to see all of those great sights while we drive the nation!

Classic Car Interior

A classic car like this one could make for an epic road trip!


Kimberly Devitt

My dream road trip car is the 2015 Subaru Legacy. Its built to handle snow, rain and every type of terrain, but its interior is luxurious enough to make you forget that you’re even on the road. It’s the perfect car for family or solo road trips!

Dana Damato

My dream road trip car would absolutely be a Winnebago! I would travel around the country with it and live in it, for a year at least!

Anne Sandoval

Since we’re dreaming, a Tesla Model S would be my dream car for a two-person, romantic road trip. For a family trip and a lot more practicality, I’d choose the 3-row Hyundai Santa Fe. Have you seen that moon roof?!

Amber Wojcek

My dream road trip car would be a Ford Mustang. I’d love to hit the open road in a convertible with a V6 engine that’ll get you where you need to go. Plus, the new models have 29 mpg highway so I won’t feel too guilty about taking it out on the open road.