Skype App

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You’ve heard of Skype, haven’t you? Come on…if my 90-year old Grandmother has heard of it, surely you have too. Skype is without a doubt, one of the most popular video-conferencing tools out today. I’ve been a techie since I was a preteen and I would have never thought that we would be able to communicate with people in other cities, states, and countries face-to-face ¬†while being miles and miles away. Skype is the kind of technology that not only helps businesses but helps keep families closer as well.

Many Skype users may be aware of the program on their desktops, but did you know that it is also available for download on your Android device and iPhone too? That’s right. You can now chit chat to anyone anywhere without even being at your computer. In fact, the other day when I was out of town, I was able to Skype my husband to see if he was doing okay. He was recovering from a cold and I just wanted to make sure that he hadn’t gone all zombie-like on me. Got a meeting that you don’t think you’ll make because of that unexpected traffic jam? Skype your office and be included with what’s going on. Skype has revolutionized the way that we communicate and if you’re big on being able to stay connected, this is definitely one travel and every day app that you’ll want to have.

Skype is free on both Google Play and iTunes.