What happens then if you’re planning a trip and want to take Rover along with you? Through hotelcoupons.com, travelers can find several properties that welcome pets. However, there’s more to pet travel than just finding accommodations. Here are some other considerations to keep in mind when deciding if bringing your best friend is right for you.

Should I Travel With My Dog?

1. How far will you be traveling? Will your trip be a few hours away or a good 10+ hours away? While your dog may be a good travel companion, you may want to consider their comfort and if their temperaments will make for a pleasant road trip for them and you.

2. While your pup is generally well behaved and friendly, being around a different environment may bring about behavior problems. There’s nothing worse than having to explain to the hotel staff how your dog managed to chew up the curtains in your hotel room. The “But he’s never done this before,” claims may be true but to your dog’s defense, he didn’t ask to go on this trip.

3. Will taking your dog along be costly? If you’re looking to fly with your pet (you know…in an airplane), be sure that the airline fees are manageable for your budget. The cost of flying with Fido could be as much as purchasing another airline ticket. If may be cheaper to leave your dog at a doggy hotel or with your favorite animal loving friend.

4. Has your dog traveled before? If the answer is no, question if the trip you’re taking is the kind of first trip you think your dog should be taking. Try to take your pup on trips where you’ll be able to keep them comfortable and entertained. They’ll likely be more comfortable on a road trip in a car they ride in all the time rather than a confined airplane surrounded by unfamiliar sights and smells.

5. Will your dog be spending time alone most of the trip? While you and your pup got to spend quality time on the way to your destination, do you plan to include your dog in your itinerary throughout your trip? Your dog may be less likely to misbehave if you involve her in your trek around Manhattan or Seattle. Leaving her in the hotel room while you attend meetings, however, may put ol’ girl in unhappy spirits.

Above all, we recommend visiting with your vet before traveling with your dog.

Should I Travel With My Dog?