We’ve come across several different types of road trippers. Oh, wait…you thought there was just ONE type. Surely you jest! Like cars and candy, there are many different types of road trippers. You’ve got your road trippers that travel by motorcycle, those that travel by bus or train and those that travel by car. Within the ‘Road Trippers That Travel By Car” category, there are those that drive their cars and those that rent cars. We encourage you to do whatever is profitable for you and your specific road trip.

Driving your car has its benefits. You don’t have to worry about dealing with a “new car, guzzlin'” and you can trash up the backseat to your heart’s delight. But if you’re looking for a different kind of experience when it comes to traveling, why not rent a car? We’ve got a few reasons as to why renting a car may be better than driving your car.

Rental car for road trips

Extra Miles on Your Car

If your car is getting up there in age and you’d rather not put the extra miles and wear and tear on it, rent a car! If money isn’t an issue, even the economy sized vehicles can be pretty affordable. Plus, your car will thank you!

New Car Experience

Some people like new tech gadgets and others like new clothes. If you’re the type that gets excited about a new car, why not rent one for your next road trip? Many rental cars still have that “new car” smell which we found satisfies that “I need a new car!” feeling pretty quickly.

Discounted Rental

Your company, bank or even car insurance may allow you to get free rental cars or discounted cars. Many people don’t know about this but doing a bit of research can help you score a rental car that you may not have known that you qualified for.

Gas Mileage

Love your gas guzzling truck but don’t need the cargo space? Getting a smaller rental car will help you save on gas.

Do you prefer to drive your car on road trips or rent a car? We’d love to hear about your road trip experiences!

Rental cars for road trips