Mother’s Day is May 12th this year and this is your official reminder to do something sweet for the mom in your life. And we don’t mean shower with cards, flowers and cards. Let’s face it, you’ve gotten by with doing that year after year. Why not try something a little more fun with Mom? Isn’t she worth it? Check out some of the cool ways we plan on showing our mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law and stepmothers how much we love them.

Take Mom kayaking – It’s lowkey enough to be relaxing but also physical enough to where Mom will feel like she had a nice little workout. Plus, nothing says bonding time more than drifting off on a lake with your Mom.

Take Mom to a painting class – Most Moms are creative beings in some way so let her express it with a little paint.

Clean her house – And we don’t mean wash a few dishes either. Either hire a crew or bring over your own buckets and cleaning products and deep clean Mom’s house. She’ll especially love you for tackling those duties that she’s been complaining about for months.

Arrange a family photo shoot – Has it been years since the whole family has gotten together to take a picture? Surprise Mom with an arranged photo shoot outside with a nice and scenic view.

Get Mom her own dot com – Has Mom been tapping into her techie side lately? Why not get her a blog with a beautiful template?


Did we miss anything? How are you treating that special Mom in your life this season?